Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Your dishwasher works hard to clean up after family dinner, Sunday breakfast, and even the biggest holiday messes. But how do dishwashers work if we don’t keep the appliances themselves clean? Regular cleaning and maintenance of your dishwasher may not be something you think about until it’s too late, but keeping up with a regular schedule can keep your much-appreciated appliance running longer and cleaning better.

Dishwasher Maintenance Tips

Take preventative action now by following these dishwasher maintenance tips from the pros at Ok Appliance Repair and ensure your most trusted appliance is performing well!

Clean Filter

If your dishwasher has a filter, remove it and clean off any food or grime. Food can become trapped in the filter and impair cleaning.

Clean the Door and Seals

Dishwashers have seals around the door rim to prevent the machine from leaking while running. Wipe down the rubber seals and the door with a damp cloth to prevent soil and grime from building up. A drop of Dawn® will do the trick.

Reduse Buildup With Vinegar

White vinegar is considered a great DIY cleaning agent for household maintenance. You can use vinegar to clean out your dishwasher to remove any stuck food particles or residual detergent left behind. To do this, place a dishwasher-safe container on the center of the top or bottom rack and pour a cup of vinegar into it — then run your dishwasher on a hot water cycle. The vinegar will disinfect the dishwasher and break down any residue stuck inside.

Clean the Spray Arm

Wipe down the spray arm with a damp towel. We recommend removing the spray arm to clear any blockages with a toothpick every six months. Refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions on how to remove and clean your spray arm.

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By following these maintenance tips, you can avoid the costly problems and repairs that come with a malfunctioning dishwasher! If you need help with Dishwasher Repair in Charlotte, contact the knowledgeable team at Ok Appliance Repair!

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