Clothes Dryer Maintenance Tips

Most everyone knows to clean out the lint filter every time you use the dryer, but there are several other important things you should do regularly to help keep your home safe and your dryer running in tip-top shape. Learn how to clean and maintain your clothes dryer so it works smoothly and efficiently.

These simple tasks from OK Appliance Repair can help extend the life of your dryer.

clothes dryer maintenance

Clean the lint filter and its housing

Many dryers house the lint filter in the drum, just inside the door. A clogged lint filter blocks the free flow of air, making your dryer less efficient. Clean the lint filter after every load.

Monthly, you need to clean lint from the housing that holds the filter. This will help exhaust air flow freely so the dryer works properly.

Every few months, remove softener residue from the lint filter and then scrub both sides of the filter, using a nylon brush dipped in warm water. Rinse the filter in hot water and dry completely with a clean towel before reinstalling in the dryer.

Don’t overload the dryer

Try not to put too many things into the dryer at once. The more items you put in the dryer, the longer they’ll take to dry, and the more wear and tear you’ll put on the dryer. It’s better to separate larger loads into smaller manageable sizes.

Vacuum behind and underneath the dryer

Moisture, dirt and lint can quickly accumulate underneath your dryer and behind it. It’s a good idea to vacuum behind and underneath your dryer every few months, or more often if you see dust accumulating.

Check the dryer vent for clogs

Even if you’re diligent about cleaning the lint screen, it’s not uncommon for lint and debris to settle in the ventilation tube and obstruct the flow of air. A clogged vent is a dangerous fire hazard that should be addressed right away, so check to make sure the hot air from the dryer is moving through the ventilation tube and coming out the exterior vent.

Clean the drum

Wipe the entire inside of the dryer drum with a damp cloth to remove deposits and debris.

How to clean your dryer vent

Lint and debris clogs in the exhaust vent system cause the dryer to take longer to dry clothes. Clothes tumbling in the dryer also can overheat when the exhaust vent system is clogged. Clean the dryer vent system every few months or when clothes overheats and takes longer to dry.

Schedule Annual Professional Maintenance

Prevent costly breakdowns, reduce energy costs and extend the life of your dryer by scheduling a technician to perform annual preventive dryer maintenance. The technician will also clean out lint from the inside of the dryer cabinet that can cause a fire hazard.

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By following these maintenance tips, you can avoid the costly problems and repairs that come with a malfunctioning Dryer! If you need help with Dryer Repair Charlotte, contact the knowledgeable team at Ok Appliance Repair in Charlotte!