Clothes Washer Maintenance Tips

Routine washer maintenance can help reduce breakdowns and costly water damage. Learn how to clean your washing machine and more.

To take care of your washing machine, make sure you use it as recommended and perform preventive maintenance as needed. The following tasks from Ok Appliance Repair may help you keep your washing machine in good working condition:

Washer maintenance Tips

Check the hoses

Water damage in homes is often caused by the washing machine leaking. When the washer is the culprit, that leak can frequently be traced to the hoses. The wear and tear of regular use cause traditional rubber hoses to lose flexibility over time, and water will ultimately win that battle. You should check your hoses for cracks, blistering, or kinks every few months to confirm that none of these warning signs have developed. If they have, it’s recommended that you replace the hose. Even if your hoses remain in good shape, you should still replace them every five years or so.

Avoid overloading

When you overload your washing machine, it can keep your laundry from receiving a thorough cleaning. This is because the washer tub does not have enough space for your clothes to move around. Additionally, overloading your washer can unbalance your machine, placing extra wear and tear on it.

Clean the lint filter

A clean washer filter is essential for a well-functioning washer! Most homeowners are familiar with the lint traps in their dryers and regularly clean them out in between cycles, but did you know your washer may have a lint filter too? Newer, high-efficiency models have self-cleaning pump filters for getting rid of lint, however, many washers have lint traps for filtering the general debris that comes out of clothes and other fabrics mid-wash. If your washer has a filter, you should check and clean it at least four times per year to ensure that debris doesn’t build up and cause mildew.

Inspect door seals

After every load, inspect your front-load washer’s door seals for moisture and residue. Make sure to wipe them dry and clean these seals regularly to help ensure proper performance of your washing machine. You can also leave the door open between washes to help it dry out.

Leave the washer door open after use

The inside of your washing machine doesn’t dry immediately after the cycle finishes. Moisture lingers for a while after you remove the load and closing the washer door can cause it to stick around even longer, eventually causing mold and mildew. Always leave your washer door open for at least 15-30 minutes after using it to help air circulate and dry the inside. You can also wipe down the gasket or rubber seal around the washer door to accelerate the process.

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