Electric Oven Repair Charlotte

Oven and stove are definitely the most important appliances in any kitchen. Whether you are a chef who can create true culinary delights, an amateur cook who prepares wonderful homemade dishes, or a busy bee who comes to the kitchen just to warm up dinner, the oven is still indispensable.

If it’s broken, your kitchen is missing a big part of its functionality. You don’t have to put up with bad moods and cold dishes – most problems can be solved by contacting a good oven repair in Charlotte, NC and scheduling a visit from the technician.

electric oven repair charlotte

Oven problems

Oven doesn’t heat

The main reason that the oven or stove does not heat is a problem with the part that is responsible for the heat. For gas stoves it is a defective igniter, for electric stoves it is a defective heating element. The usual solution to this problem is to replace the defective element. Often people try to solve the problem themselves, but usually the heating element is hidden and its replacement requires special skills of a professional mechanic.

Oven doesn’t turn on

We can not say for sure why your furnace will not turn on. In fact, there are many reasons. In the case of an electric oven, it could be a broken cable, problems with the controls, the baking or roasting elements. Also, an electric oven won’t turn on if it is supplied with the wrong amount of electricity. Gas ovens won’t turn on because the igniter, valve or gas control is faulty. Any of these problems are very serious and risky to fix, so it is better to entrust the diagnosis and repair to a professional repair company.

Oven door doesn’t open or close properly

An oven that won’t open is a common problem that usually doesn’t require professional help. It usually occurs after the self-cleaning cycle. Unplugging the oven or starting another self-cleaning cycle may be all that is needed. If the doors do not close tightly, the problem can be much more serious. The most common cause is the door hinge, which needs to be replaced. To do this, you need to remove the door, and in some models even remove the side panel. This is not so simple and must be done very carefully, so in this case it is better to call in a technician.

Stove burner doesn’t light

A malfunctioning stove burner does not always mean that something serious has happened to the stove. Sometimes it is a result of overflowing or cleaning. In this case, the burner gets wet and cannot function properly. If the problem occurs after overflowing or cleaning, you need to wait until the burner dries and not let it leak again. In another case, there may be two reasons for the problem. Maybe the burner caps are positioned incorrectly – in this case you just need to check, the problem can be easily fixed without professional service. But there is also a possibility that the cause is electrodes that are not properly seated. To fix this malfunction, you need to remove the grate, burner caps and heads and get into the stove. This is not a big deal, but it can be dangerous for a person who does not have the proper knowledge.

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For over a decade, Ok Appliance Repair in Charlotte has been the go-to option for stove and oven repair in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge, clear communication, and fast, effective solutions, guaranteeing that your kitchen range will be up and running to prepare your next culinary masterpiece!