How Do I Know If My Dryer Heating Element Is Blown?

If your laundry takes longer to dry and your dryer feels warm but not hot, these could be signs of a blown heating element. This is the part that generates head needed to dry your clothes. There are a few ways to identify the problem when calling a dryer repair Charlotte company.

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Signs of a Blown Heating Element

If you identify these issues with your dryer, call Ok Appliance Repair in Charlotte to get it fixed. If your dryer doesn’t experience the symptoms above, check below the 3 common clothes dryer problems:

1. My Dryer Makes Strange Noises

The likely culprit causing strange noises or vibrating is a failed dryer drum seal and glide bearing. This problem can often be caused by frequent overloading or foreign objects accidentally loaded in the dryer.

Open the dryer door and manually spin the drum. Listen for noise and check to see if the drum binds up as you rotate it. If the drum seal and glide bearing are damaged, you’ll need to replace them.

2. Clothes Stay Wet

Obviously, the clearest sign that the dryer isn’t working is when the cycle shuts off and the clothes are still wet! The machine becomes pretty useless at that point and leaves you with a big predicament in getting your clothes clean.

On occasion, this can be due to the lint filter being too full, which blocks the air from flowing and drying the clothes. That’s an easy fix of cleaning out the filter on a more regular basis before a major buildup can happen. This is also an important safety practice to avoid fires.

3. My Dryer Won’t Turn On

When your dryer won’t turn on at all, check these issues:

  1. Make sure the power cord is fully inserted in the electrical outlet.
  2. Check the house circuit breaker for the dryer. Reset the house circuit breaker if it has tripped.
  3. Unplug the dryer and check the power cord wiring connections on the terminal block. Follow the directions in the owner’s manual or installation guide to connect the power cord wires properly.

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