Refrigerator Repair Charlotte

Ok Appliance Repair is Charlotte’s top appliance repair company and the leading provider of refrigerator repairs throughout the local Charlotte service area. Our expert technicians respond quickly, and they’re outfitted with the right tools and replacement parts for almost all types of refrigerators.

Experiencing refrigerator issues?

  • Refrigerator not cooling?
  • Refrigerator warm on one side?
  • Ice maker not producing?
  • Refrigerator won’t dispense water?
  • Refrigerator not auto-defrosting?
  • Refrigerator sprung a leak?
  • Refrigerator too cold?
  • Refrigerator too noisy?

Typical refrigerator repairs

  • Replace evaporator fan
  • Replace condenser fan
  • Repair start relay
  • Replace control board
  • Replace thermostat
  • Replace ice maker
  • Replace water inlet valve
  • Replace water filter


Refrigerator problems can be a major inconvenience. To spare our customers the trouble of food spoilage, refrigeration repairs are a top priority for our company. When you call us at (980) 301-6530, we are typically able to provide same-day service. Every refrigerator repair is covered by our comprehensive one-year warranty.

Refrigerator Repair Charlotte

Chose the Right Refrigerator Repair in Charlotte

With so many repair companies on the market, selecting the perfect one is usually a challange. Here’s a cheat sheet to guide you:

Keep in mind that the longer you wait to repair your freezer and refrigerator, the worse the problem will get. Food is expensive, and so is throwing away perishables because your fridge or freezer is broken. If you’re having trouble with your freezer or refrigerator in Charlotte or the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to contact Ok Appliance Repair, a locally-owned business.