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Frequently asked questions

The humming noise usually indicates that something is jamming the disposal. First, turn off the power to the unit. Use a special hex key or a garbage disposal wrench to manually rotate the impellers and dislodge any obstructions. Once cleared, restore power and test the disposal. If the problem persists, there may be a more serious issue, and it's best to contact a professional for assistance.
First, identify the source of the leak. It could be from the connections, the sink flange, or the body of the disposal itself. Tighten any loose connections or replace damaged seals or gaskets. If the leak continues, it may require professional repair or replacement of the disposal unit.
Avoid using chemical drain cleaners as they can damage the disposal. Instead, turn off the power and use a plunger to try and dislodge the clog. Alternatively, insert a garbage disposal wrench or a wooden spoon handle into the disposal's opening and manually rotate the impellers to break up the clog. If these methods don't work, it may require professional assistance.
Odors can be eliminated by running cold water and grinding citrus peels, ice cubes, or a mixture of baking soda and vinegar in the disposal. Regularly cleaning the disposal with a brush and mild detergent can also help prevent odor buildup. If the smell persists, there may be a deeper issue, and professional cleaning or repair may be necessary.
This could indicate an overload or a short circuit. First, ensure that the disposal is not clogged or jammed. If it trips the breaker again, there may be a problem with the wiring or the motor. It's recommended to consult a professional electrician or garbage disposal technician for further diagnosis and repair.

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    Garbage Disposal Repair in Charlotte Garbage Disposal Repair in Charlotte

    Expert Garbage Disposal Repair Charlotte

    Disposer manufacturers pay great attention to their quality and design reliability. However, the food waste disposer may need to be repaired due to improper installation or operational errors. Search for garbage disposal repair near me and find Ok Appliance Repair to solve your problem.

    When a garbage disposal breaks down, it is usually the owners’ fault. However, the device’s failure may be due to natural wear and tear of its parts and frequent voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. 

    If you experience any of the following common problems, you need to contact a garbage disposal repair service:

    • The cause of unpleasant odors may be a malfunction of the electric motor or problems in the device main unit.
    • Loud noise during the device‚Äôs operation may indicate an increased load on the electric motor or solid objects getting into the working mechanism and blocking the blades.
    • Slow water drains into the sink spout. The reasons for this problem can be either a banal blockage of the drain pipe or a problem with the unit itself.
    • Slow grinding of waste may indicate that too-hard objects have penetrated the working chamber or that the grinding unit is damaged.
    • Leak. If you notice that your device has begun to leak, this may be due to wear of the drain fitting seal or the gaskets of the working chamber.
    • Operational failure. A failure of the electric motor or lack of power supply may cause this problem.

    The disposer can grind fairly solid waste, but it cannot cope with large bones or, for example, peach pits. Due to the owner’s carelessness, things, such as teaspoons, sponges, rags, and even wedding rings, end up in the garbage disposal. If the device is turned off in time, repairs will be limited to removing those objects; if not, broken parts will have to be replaced.

    Garbage Disposal Repair Service

    Our service center has been specializing in repairing and maintaining kitchen choppers for many years. Our technicians use only original parts and components, as well as modern diagnostic and specialized equipment, which allows us to undertake repairs of any complexity, including:

    • free diagnostics;
    • dismantling and replacement of the disposal;
    • dismantling and replacing bearings;
    • replacing seals;
    • replacing the pneumatic button;
    • elimination of leaks;
    • installation and connection of the garbage disposal.

    We can also perform preventative maintenance, thoroughly cleaning the garbage disposal and removing debris and other objects.

    If you notice malfunctions in the waste shredder, turn it off, search for waste disposal repairs near me, call our service and wait for a specialist to help. You should not try to remove a stuck object yourself. You can damage other components of the mechanism or get injured.