What is the Most Common refrigerator Failure?

Your refrigerator provides ample storage space for fresh foods and frozen items alike, offering the ingredients you need to create beloved meals and delicious new dishes for family and friends. A properly functioning refrigerator is a staple in any kitchen, but like any other home appliance, you may have problems with your refrigerator that require repairs.

There are a variety of common refrigerator problems that are best resolved by professional appliance repairmen. To help you diagnose your refrigerator problems, we’re covering some of the most common refrigerator repair problems.

The Coil Caper

The condenser coil is a vital part of the refrigerator’s cooling system. It’s responsible for releasing heat extracted from the inside of the fridge. Think of it as the exhaust pipe for hot air. The coil is usually located on the back of the fridge, either at the bottom or near the top.

Dust, dirt, and pet hair can accumulate on the condenser coil, acting like a fluffy insulation blanket. This traps heat, making it difficult for the fridge to maintain a cool temperature.

Signs of a Dirty Coil

Here are some clues that your refrigerator’s woes might stem from a grimy condenser coil:

Cleaning Up the Act: Coil Care

The good news is that cleaning a condenser coil is a relatively simple DIY fix. Unplug the refrigerator and pull it out from the wall (be sure to have someone help you if it’s a heavy model). You can then use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove dust and debris from the coil.

For a more thorough cleaning, some people recommend using a soft brush and warm soapy water. Just be sure to let the coil dry completely before plugging the fridge back in.

Keeping Your Cool

To prevent coil buildup in the first place, consider these tips:

The modern kitchen is not complete without a properly functioning refrigerator, but this appliance needs to be running reliably at all times. You can ensure that it does by having it serviced by an appliance repair technician who will be able to fix almost all common refrigerator problems. Your refrigerator should operate at peak efficiency at all times, and for the best repair results you may want to consider assistance from a pro home appliance repair service.

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